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  Missy and Emma
How did I come to work with thread and fabric rather than paint or stone or clay and glazes? I have felt an affinity to fabric, to color on fabric, and to the types of patterns that decorate fabric for as long as I can remember. Letting my eyes rest on a fabric that attracts me is like a meditation and has been since I was a child. I can feel the world drift away as I sail into the color, the texture, and the pattern. I had some very close relationships with quilts while I was growing up, still do. Early on I learned to sew to make my own clothes, being a very long, slender girl. I made clothes and quilts for my dolls and worked sampler kits. In high school I discovered a love of art, of making things, of the current-ness of the art world, the liveliness, the freedom. Eventually I put that together with the material that calls to me and began to make art with fiber. The final piece in the puzzle was finding this punch needle embroidery technique that allows me to use fiber and enjoy a painterly flow as the work evolves.

Born: Glen Ridge, NJ in 1952
Today: Washington, Connecticut
Email: missy@missystevens.com


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