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For many years I have made joyful objects with fabric and thread. About 10 years ago I also started playing with clay, and quickly fell down the rabbit hole! I enjoy surface decoration that may tell a story, and fire in electric or wood kilns. I make whistles, cups, and small sculptures. The through line from my fabric work to clay is celebration of the magical elements of the natural world, animals, plants, water. All of this nurtures me everyday and I hope will delight you.

Most of my work is one of a kind, but I do return to certain themes.
If you see something here that you are interested in please email me.
If that particular one has sold I may have its cousin in stock.

I will be a guest at The Alison Palmer Studio for
the Clay Way Studio Tour on October 16-18, 2020.
Visit my online store missystevens.bigcartel.com



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